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        In the 21st century, enterprise development is an important pillar of spiritual civilization and an important guarantee for a company’s long-term development. In recent years, Oudi people, relying on corporate culture construction, have improved employee motivation and enhanced company cohesion, making the company reach modern standard.


        “To serve customers and gain the trust of customers” is our service tenet. “Integrity-oriented, People-first, To Serve the Society”

        Quality Policy

        We offer “Quality First, Customer Centered” service, with “Quality First, Service First, Reputation First” as tenet.

        Service Commitment

        With “Quality First, Service First, Reputation First” as tenet, we join hands with customers sincerely, establish strategic partnerships with customers, keep pace with the times, and provide users with satisfying products and services cordially.

        Culture Concept

        Mission – To create win-win space. We are committed to establishing a platform realizing common growth and common development between employees and the enterprise, providing employees with a space of putting to good use of their ambitions, realizing their dreams and winning wealth and social respect, so that we can enjoy the success of career and joy of work!


        Sage: Tolerant to Others, Self-critical, Do as You Would Be Done by

        Wise: Looking Far Ahead and Aim High, Seek Truth from Facts, Change according to Changes, Think Reversely, Innovate Bravely, Seize Opportunities, Turn Unfavorable to Favorable

        Brave: Dare to Think and Do in a Different Way, Dare to Shoulder Responsibilities, Dare to Correct Errors.

        Tenacious: Never Give up, Do Everything Possible to Succeed, No Excuse but Feasible Ways