What should be paid attention to when purchasing floor lamps?

Nowadays, more and more families install floor lamps, which are very convenient and comfortable to use. What should we pay attention to when purchasing floor lamps?

1. For model-type floor lamps, since these lamps are not usually used for lighting, they are generally used as decorations, so when purchasing these floor lamps, it is necessary to consider whether they match the overall home style.

2. When purchasing the ceiling lamp, you need to consider the height of the ceiling. If the ceiling is too low, the light emitted will make people feel not soft enough. At the same time, when using the ceiling lamp, it is better to choose a white or light-colored ceiling, which will have a reflective effect.

3. When purchasing a floor lamp with direct illumination, the lower edge of the lamp shade should be lower than the eyes, so as not to make the eyes feel uncomfortable. In addition, in order to facilitate use, it is better not to place reflective objects such as mirrors around the floor lamp, otherwise it will be bad for the eyes.