Introduction to four common indoor household lighting fixtures

Indoor home lighting is one of the indispensable equipment for indoor home, and different types of lamps have their own advantages and disadvantages. What are the common household lamps? How to choose? Which type of living room lamp is recommended? What should I pay attention to in the indoor lighting configuration?

Ordinary household lamps and lanterns have four types: absorption ceiling lamp, projection lamp, wall lamp and spot lamp.

Ceiling lamps are common lamps for household lighting. The upper part of the suction nozzle lamp is flat, which is directly installed on the roof of the building, while the lower part is covered by the lampshade. The space with lower floor height is more suitable. The flat shape of the ceiling lamp is very compact and will not increase the pressure of the roof.

Spotlights are also common lamps. The lamp is suspended from the ceiling, and the absorption dome lamp is close to the floor. When carrying a high space, it can also obtain sufficient illumination. For lamps with high ground space, the Z low point should be at least 2.1 meters away from the ground to reduce the sense of space oppression.

The wall lamp is installed on the wall lamp as an auxiliary lighting. The light of the wall lamp is relatively dim, which can play a decorative role in the family. Many people can install the wall lamp on the balcony, corridor or beside the bed.

Spotlights can be embedded in ceiling light slots as embedded lights, or directly installed in exposed light rails or ceilings. It is usually used to strengthen local lighting and emphasize the atmosphere of the irradiated object and aluminum foil.